Im dating an engaged woman “Yeah, He’s Engaged & I’m The Other Girl, But I Should Be The One”

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Which is the reason I came to this subreddit. So you'd be suggesting he'd feel awesome because he got laid and if any of those women contact him again for sex he should go for it? I don't mean things that are bad for you, I mean principles that you adhere to even if you are the one suffering from it read: I would pursue things with the available girl and leave the engaged girl alone Right now I just want to focus on myself and school. I don't want to become the other woman, but I don't really care. Dating an engaged Woman! That's just not right.

He came in to the room we were all drinking in and sat with us for about 15 minutes to introduce himself and say hey. Can only end up bad if you ask me.

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Rustic and Reclaimed Furnishings. I was on the other end of this once. It doens't matter how long he's been dating his fiance. Not a chance in hell.

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I have known her for 3 years and we write each other notes often. He is 7 years older than me. She told me it was not a revenge thing. She is lying to you, making him out to be the bad guy so she doesnt seem im dating an engaged woman such a bad person, and you feel bad for her in this relationship because she has lied to you. Not feeling guilt would be inhuman.

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Should I leave my wife of 7 im datings an engaged woman If she does, she saves herself from making a mistake in marriage, and you potentially find love. She is the one that owes her fiance fidelity, and who betrayed his trust and risked his health.

Dating someone who is engaged.

I don't know, TC. Whenever he asks for something, I give in.

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Its tricky, I think there might have been a posting about this earlier on this forum, have a look. Adults don't use guys like this. I think that 21 is way too young to get married, and she is obviously not ready. All the while, he is dumping all of his drama, stress, and aggression on you, and yes, you love taking it in because you feel you are being supportive and nurturing and loving.

Someone who has the courage to cheat, but not to end a dysfunctional relationship and then go fuck around, has issues, serious issues, and isn't strong enough inside to do what's right.

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That doesn't say very much about her level of commitment. If she doesn't you'll know soon enough and no harm done.

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So the only thing you care about from reading your text seems to be getting laid, no matter the woman. But, you know what, I know what really happened. Last edited by Sunshine87; 24th April at 6: Find the good stuff Reddit is filled with interest based communities, offering something for everyone. Why some guy who is about to be married to another girl? And then he felt guilty because he also took advantage of this other girl and he thinks she'd kinda not be cool if she knew about it.

She needs to break the engagement and tell her family it's what she wants to do for HER and they can either support her or mind their own business.