Im dating someone 16 years older than me MODERATORS

Im dating someone 16 years older than me

Only for something casual if you may. Good relationships can be hard to come by. Before you start worrying about your 50s and 60s, I would think about a little nearer in the future. Maybe I'm being too hard on him, but I would personally not ever commit to someone until I saw them hold down a job.

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December 3, at Ultimately, a 16 year old dating a 26 year old is MUCH worse than a 36 year old dating a 46 year old, etc etc. He doesn't have as much energy, he probably doesn't like any of your interests, and it's just a generally confusing situation. I'll take your words for it: There is going to be a socioeconomic gap im dating someone 16 years older than me your life and your friends lives. Nah, that's not what I meant.

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Women his own age probably realize this and realize that if they are not in net dating norge place independently to start a family, they won't be there with him either. Put another way, it depends. Even when you get to my age basically 30 you are going to look back at 22 and realize that you were a baby, have changed so much, and now want different things. Of course there are all sorts of other details that were more important than our ages.

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But when you're 60 and he's 80 you might find yourself full of energy, still wanting to work and do things, and he's growing frail and in need of care and not able to enjoy doing the same things you do.

Cultural and generational touchpoints - YMMV. In general, older guys tended to treat me like a pet and wanted me to be malleable and sweet.

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But with all the other plusses the relationship brings to my life, that one fact alone is not a deal-breaker, and I certainly don't think that the mere existence of his health condition should disqualify him from being in a relationship forever.

If he has children, he might want to hold back considerably longer for you to meet them, which is a good idea generally. She had to get used to the fact that her friends husbands had a six year head start on their careers, and that her firends had 6 more years to aquire material things.

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So I recently started seeing this guy, and I am falling for him quickly. No, no, and no. When I was 22, I was seeing a year-old.

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Askreddit is for open-ended discussion questions. She is 19 and if she was dating a 40 year old, my husband and I would be very concerned.