Indian parents and dating My Indian Parents Got Divorced and It Was the Best Thing That Happened to Us

Indian parents and dating

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So I just wanted to say thanks! When you see each other less often, when you don't feel the daily sense of obligation or guilt-tripping or accusations of cultural betrayal or whatever they heap upon you, it gets better. I told my mother.

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I do have a cousin who is 28 and dating a white girl. If you want you can give me your email, instead of posting here over and over.

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I mean I'm in my early 30s and I'm looking to get married. Some, they really liked and some they really hated. She also enjoys dancing and prancing around like so. In my 7-yr-relationship, my bf is 1st gen Indian hyderabadi, non-practicing indian parents and dating who came to the US to study and has continued living here. You can eventually decide to get married, or go your separate ways.

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When the OP says his parents "won't let" him go out at night, that is not because they are manipulative or he is not mature. You've been legally an adult for 5 years. So in April She told her mom about me and two days later the mom said no and you need to break up with him but medical student dating doctor can still be friends.

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I am also worried that any future relationship I could have with his parents would be damaged by the fact I feel discriminated against and excluded and resentful! Given how accepting my indians parents and dating have been of our relationship up until this point I never imagined this being a problem.

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Obviously I cannot comprehend the pressure he must be under, but I still get angry that he does not stop lying and be a man! OMG I can only imagine. I do not want to spring this baby on her, i want her to share in the joy of the pregnancy, i havent told her because i think its his place, but if he doesnt then i will.

Sleeping over at her house for most of the week would raise suspicions in any family, indian or not, so you might want to cut back on that, and lay low for a while.

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What mattered was being at peace with who we were, and where we were in life, and seeing my family growing into their newfound selves makes every day that much more worthwhile.

He also asked if I had spoken to my mother. I am with my Indian bf from hyderabad and orthodox muslim family for 3 and half years now. It doesn't have to be a binary choice.

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