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His efforts have directly assisted the U. The procedure most commonly used for the detection, isolation, and analysis of these date tags in ink dating is:.

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If the questioned ink matches more than one of the possible library matches then any of the following may be used to further discriminate some or all of the possible matches from the questioned sample if necessary or desired:. The ink dating static approach is typically more useful as the difference between the date on the document and the present time increases. There were many entries throughout four books some involving these allegations and many that did not.

This was also significant since the ink was an ink manufactured by Formulabs, which put date tags in most of their inks during the time period the pen was purchased by the victim. A subsequent TLC test was done to identify the make and manufacturer of the ink used in the questioned entry in order to determine when this type of ink was first commercially available. We specialize in ink dating, handwriting, art dating, questioned document examinations, fraud detection and forensic analysis.

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If at least one of these inks dating expert witnesses shows a significant statistical difference between the heated and unheated samples, it is concluded that the ink is still in the drying process. Whether your case requires an expert in questioned document analysis, forensic document examination, forensic document dating, ink analysis, ink dating, fine art dating, counterfeit documents, crime scene evaluation, ink age determination, paper analysis, printing process determination and age analysis, Daubert preparation, handwriting analysis, cold case analysis, fraud investigation, trace evidence, questioned documents, metallurgy or trial preparation, give GFS a call.

It was found that the questioned portions were written with a pen that only matched writings known to have been done by the doctor that was denying authorship and was a different ink and different pen than any writing that was done elsewhere in the chart by any other writer in the dozens of entries that were used for comparison purposes.

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This means that the ink could not ink dating expert witnesses been used to write a receipt in It should be noted that some ink manufacturers never placed any date tags in their inks. The ink showed the presence of a date tag and the tag was determined to have been inserted in inks only manufactured during the calendar year Consolidated Consultants CCc continues to deliver high quality expert witness and medical expert witness referrals nationwide since The ink on this receipt was examined using TLC testing and specifically for the detection of a chemical date tag.

Other times the results will disclose a range of a few years as possibilities the ink could have been made. Whenever a relative ink age test is conducted it is imperative that the same ink formulation from the same type of paper comprise both samples.

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The calculations for the dye ratios were done by dividing the results for each band by one another. Ink Dating Expert Witnesses by State.

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The ink was identified as a blue ballpoint formulation manufactured by the Bic Pen Company. The size of the reference library of the laboratory conducting the examination is also highly important in the chances of success and also in determining the significance of a match. The next step would be the most basic ink dating form of thin layer chromatography TLC testing to determine if two or more inks are the same or different formulations.

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Another method for dating inks using thin layer chromatography exists. These results should then be photographed using ultra-violet light and color film for presentation at a later time if required. During that time he has worked on many notable cases to include; the Unabomber, the John Wilkes Booth diary, numerous accused Nazi war criminals, e. The Expert of Experts Location: If these two parameters were not met than any direct comparison of samples to determine age would be invalid.

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Manufacturers used two types of chemical date tags in their ink formulations. There are also numerous other examples like the two mentioned. You may limit your search for Ink Dating expert witnesses to a specific area by selecting a state from the drop down box. In recent years several manufacturers have made minor changes to popular formulations, which are evident in the above TLC examinations. In the following real case examples, one can see the manner in which the three thin layer chromatography tests can be used to aid in examinations.