Interracial dating at college Voices: In college, the racial politics of dating are complicated

Interracial dating at college

Knight Ridder Washington Bureau: Political Psychology, 19, — Father bikes 1, miles to hear his daughter's beating heart again.

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She says she rarely has problems withderogatory comments though lately she has receivedunsolicited "Jungle Fever" remarks from youngpeople she passes on the streets of Cambridge.

Longitudinal data on interethnic and interracial dating were collected from over students at a large multiethnic university.

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Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, 14, — She is worried that statement may be seen as harsh, but points out that she is trying to educate herself to matters of race. Post reviews of your campus visits. How to think like a social scientist. By clicking this button, you agree to the terms of use.

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I also felt like interracial dating was becoming more accepted. Vol 24, Issue 3, Please enter Last Name.

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Google Scholar CrossrefMedline. I thought this topic died out a generation ago.

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Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, 15, — If you have the appropriate interracial dating at college installed, you can download article citation data to the citation manager of your choice.

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Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, 12, — Gubbins acknowledges "there are people I haveheard of, or know, that have a particular fetish.

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But the realities of dating, they were telling me, meant that their race was frequently held against them. But their experience may not be typical.

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Rodgers is currently dating an African-American man and says she has always been attracted to them, but says that many would rather not be with her because she is neither black or white enough for them.

A meta-analytic test of intergroup contact theory.

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They were pickier than I am.