Intuitive matchmaking reviews Intuitive Matchmaking Reviews

Intuitive matchmaking reviews

I highly recommend Jacqueline.

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We had to pay for her and then when we asked her to pay us intuitive matchmaking reviews. All info about Elitesingles for the UK in our. Posts about matchmakers 2 visitors checked -- map, number, video profile llc.

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He is a fake black person and i question his integrity. Jacqueline is such a warm and authentic, present person.

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S intuitive knack for picking the right match coupled with her years of. It's an investment in your life and what will ultimately, really make you happy.

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Come over to make an auspicious and blessed new beginning to your life. I am new to Intuitive Matchmaking but with just the few contacts I have had with Jacqueline I am acutely aware she knows her stuff!

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Customer since July It was a joy to meet Jacqueline and experience her positive message on love and relationships. She is genuine, giving, intuitive, authentic, warm voted 1 service, elove.

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At Intuitive Matchmaking we simplify the process of finding real love so you can start enjoying your life as a couple sooner. I recently consulted with Jacqueline in an angel session to get some clarity with regards to my life direction specifically for business opportunities.


Either this company is running a big scam operation or they are incompetentthe two are similar and its sometimes hard to tell the difference. I'm sure from confidential things I spoke to some leaders about in the company which would get back to matt, as well as how his company operates, they get together behind closed doors and talk about everyone else behind there backs.

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I intuitive matchmaking reviews her heart charm! Once she got her deposit back, she didn't pay the last month water bill.

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Im wondering if this isnt a case that could be bundled into a class action suit. True, she did make some but now that I've joined, paid my money, I can tell you those are few and far between.

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She is truly the classic of the snake oil sales women out there and I am embarrassed that I fell for her BS.