Is beck and cat dating in real life Victorious Cast in Real Life

Is beck and cat dating in real life, liz gillies

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If Jade would've been Beck's wife, she should still be a cold hearted and frozen minded wife and having unhappy, unjoyful children and not treating them right like Cat treats Amanda like a baby princess. Daniella played Tori's older, talentless sister on the show, but in real life Daniella is plenty talented. But Jade and Beck have never had a child before, so Beck wishes Jade would stop following him and Cat and just date Andre instead.

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Actually their not dating They would be an adorable christian teenage dating in real life. I love when the marginalized sibling gets some attention.

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Are beck and jade really dating in real life Kids to emily jade and miles. We've taken "where are they now?

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Hes a real life Aladdin: So they decided to change into their real true selves and show the world who they. I have a thing about cheesy Lifetime movies. Guess she gave up is beck and cat dating in real life to raise llamas or something.

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While they did watch victorious? Victoria was an aspiring singer on the show, but in real life, shes more than. Plus Beck wishes to have more beautiful children with his loving and ditsy wife, Cat Valentine-Oliver Valentine.

Cat seems to be enjoying Beck in the photo, kissing, making out and they are wearing casual outfits such as a satin dresses, and a tuxedo, because Cat and Beck are getting wedded the next day but wearing the same outfits and after having Amanda Caterina Valentine Oliver, their newborn baby girl that has hair of her mother, the intelligence of her father, and half dumbness of her mother.

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Since they go to school, they hired Cat's twin sister Kat20, in college but not in the course yet, and the couple make Kat babysit Amanda at her own house, while Cat and Beck are at school doing improv, acting, eating, etc. Now that Beck and Jade are no longer together, shes even more hostile. A sexy smooch, laying down on the RV sofa, lalala. I hope there was no kinky puppet play. Then Cat and Beck pay Kat after they come back from school and go back home to their apartment house safely with healthy Amanda.

And that's not on becks rv it is in tori's house. I dont really care if they are dating but Is Victorious night though.

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What's Going On with Cat?? Im so done with all the bashing from the Jade and Beck shippers.

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