Is hot or not a good dating site I tried this weird dating app called Hot or Not

Is hot or not a good dating site

The next day it started having a crush screen. The thing is, there's no way to actually get past this page, no matter how many times you take the requested photo. Click on the button below to subscribe and wait for a new Facebook message from the TC Messenger news bot. This site has the same issue as most other dating apps and sites and that issue is called fake profiles!

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It's a scam run by absolute morons who have no idea how to do web development and should have never been permitted to touch a computer. It's not a straight forward dating site. So many beautiful women on the site but 100 free dating site list think 90 percent is fake profiles because no replies came in and I'm a good looking guy!! While i find that social media has a huge rift in the actualization of what to be social means, as the factor of proximity is far removed the haters have a field day to spew their toxins at whomever should fall to be in the crosshairs of attack.

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This way I'm covered in case law enforcement traces my IP address and shows up on my doorstep. I still use it because theyre the market leader, but id like to see them move things to the next level like they once did!

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I've tried reporting an underage girl the told me she was 16 after swapping Snapchat ID's. If you dont uncheck the box for an autorefill when it goes below credits, they will suck your wallet.

But the app is not for the faint of heart.

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Sure, it looks more modern and works on mobile but id like to see some innovation from online datings biggest name. Categories Log in Sign up For companies. I promise you it will be a never ending nightmare just to delete your account and take your photos off their site!

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Bad — unacceptable experience, unreasonable and rude conduct. Sometimes I dont get replies from the ladies but I just stay positive, cant win them all you know lol! Maybe I should have gone for both but I hoped id only need one membership, maybe in hindsight that was a bit lazy.

Hot or Not

Now Hot or Not's creators have relaunched the dating app to help people connect with the hottest people in their areas.

Way to go Hot or Not by keeping us users is hot or not a good dating site of potential underage hook ups! I hope all the best and enjoy the journey. But I feel like theyve got lazy.

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Hot or Not on Social Media. Pleased to report that there are REAL chicks on Hot or Not, not having any problems with scammers or any cam girls, which is a breath of fresh air.

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In short, it gets me where I want to go, eventually. So it did not convince me but it is not bad at all.

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Sites You Might Also Like. Trust pilot verifies who you are so you have no worries in the future private secure. Id say HotorNot is the reliable Ford of the dating world.

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Why would a site with any integrity block that ability? The app no longer works without immediately going to the send a crush screen that costs money.

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Roll over stars, then click to rate. Badoo is the bigger of the two sites, and says it currently has users across countries.

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This is very much a scale play for both Badoo and Hot or Not. Is Hot or Not your company? Feelin good rite now at least lol already had a date and findin the site super simple to use and all the other stuff easy enough.