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I think love is one of the most things in one's life,everyone should take time off his or her busy schedule to find the true love.

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Anwar Kuwait I imagine several times to get life partner through net. Follow Kate Mirkin on Twitter: I pick on people I like first time I meet them too. However, it doesn't is speed dating dangerous that you have to continue the relationship, so it's up to you to decide its future. Soichiro,Japan I think its good idea. Zoe, Hong Kong Speed dating can make me meet more new friends. I went home wearing a smile.

How many girls have your buddies dated? Jocelyn China is speed dating dangerous interesting, but not workable in China, esp. You will never know how a person is whatever the place you meet him. When I get nervous, my hands shake, so I had to sit on them to hide this fact. Rick, UAE As the research suggests, interest levels in people can increase or decrease within 30 seconds of getting to know someone.

Find out more about page archiving. But, maybe they can spend more time to understand each other before they can know each other.

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It will be frustrating and makes you too fussy!!! You simply put in a "yes" and "no" online, and you get your matches 24 hours later. But at the same time who knows where we can meet the special one. Pha Thailand I think it's a good way.

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I can't imagine dating more than twenty person one night but i do agree i 'll be sure who is my Mr. Charlie South Korea It's a very bad idea. Oh no, sorry, then you do it about another 20 times. People will instantly judge each other primarily on appearences,and will be keen to meet attractive people of the opposite sex. I asked some of them to bear in mind the toilet thing when marking me, like a handicap.

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I also think when you are going to a speed dating you already go much more made ready for that. Are you agree "it is ok only 3 minutes to meet your Mr or Miss Right?

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The reason for this phenomenon ususally can be arributed to shyness and a lack of confidence. Eva, China Hurry date, hurry love, hurry marriage and hurry divorce in a hurry planet--it's an idea very lovely Jessie from Malaysia It's truth you can meet your Mr.

How can you learn to know someone in a few minutes??? Let,s think about the importance of love. Pieter-Jan Lenssens Belgium I don't speed-dating is good for meeting your true prins or princess Le Cock I don't think that you could find your true love past the internet.

Karen Taiwan It's really like having an interview,u just prepared what u want to say and let the other person like u in 3 mins.

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When you have confirmed your password, you will be able to log in through Facebook on both sites. Best online dating for mid 20s.

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Besides, in three minutes all people say the same things, so you can be really confused who to choose.