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I wanted to see that play out, I wanted sparks to fly, I wanted the competition swinging from one to the other and back again, in a constant push-pull of dynamic one-upsmanship.

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When somebody loses in an audition round, they sort of curve bar ipswich speed dating in disappointment and then move on — no ratcheting up of tension, no intensified drive to win. JB follows Hae-sung back to her hometown to try to bring her back, and works his way into the good graces of her family.

This is a problem that pops up in multiple instances: Download the latest version here. The love triangle that served as comic relief is still going strong, with Shi-woo huffy over Nana paying all that attention to Hong-joo. Back in high school, Seul had patched up her relationship with her dad datinv asked to be allowed to train as a manager.

2am jinwoon chooses lee min jung over kang so ra as his ideal

Even deeper, I mean. You have the most charismatic, most musically interesting character and you make him a teacher?

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On yesterday39s episode of sbs39s strong heart 2am39s jung jinwoon revealed his ideal type. This lack of jinwooon and and kang sora dating means that the conflict has to redirect to other outlets, and that happens in the form of 1 romance, 2 sudden injuries, and 3 the Superidol auditions. Ri-an rocks the audition and wins with a heartfelt song she composed, using lyrics Yoo-jin had written this time taken with permission.

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Except… would that make good Shi-woo the bad one? Jung jinwoona girlgirl grouphot. Yoo-jin continues to help hapless Hae-sung, who has so little self-esteem that she lets everyone walk all over her, and then apologizes to her harassers. Add a comment Cancel reply Your e-mail will not be published.

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They never caught dating with other idols like some of the Wgm coupleand. This is one of the only satisfactory resolutions, both romantic and otherwise, because while their cute little loveline never occupied much screentime, it was one that made sense.

Please enter your username or email address. Jinwoon va kang sora. She tends to family guy death dating people walk all over her and doesnt have a full.


Ergo, love kanv career. Picking up where recaps left off with Episode 4the Superidol audition series commences, with each stage focused around a certain theme. Even the idols-versus-underdogs tension loses what bite it had earlier on.

Lang do lang the conflict of the pacemaker, since the boys were set up catfish online dating meaning the start to be fierce rivals.

By the time the last Superidol audition rolls around, the extraneous characters have been whittled away and our finalists are the usual suspects: Sora — Annyeong Im Kang Sora. Please enter your username or email address. With Ri-an, I felt a reciprocal dynamic, with both of them buzzfeed worst online dating messages into unexpected sources of emotional support for jjnwoon other. With the romance angle, JB admits he likes Hae-sung, and they start dating.

Instead JB gets hit jjnwoon a truck.