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Khunfany secret dating

Nichkhun why so shy?

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Tiffany too becomes shy when Nichkhun starts to speak. I ship Khunfany because they are the real deal.

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Both are facing each other with their entire body meaning they give each other their full attention. I wanted to get this out of the way because I know most people ship Nichkhun with Victoria since they both were on WGM together.

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They keep it very formal. During rehearsal Nichkhun also decides to stay near Tiffany. The way Nichkhun looks at Tiffany.

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They always stand close and smile to each other. Nichkhun waits for Tiffany when the show ends.

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So it is no surprise that they are good friends in real life. Always looking away from each other. Never a dull moment.

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There is nothing ever awkward between them. In fact I would love to spread Khunfany to more people so they can see how wonderful this couple is.

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She never stopped smiling with Kyuhyun and always stays by free married dating website uk side. When the show was over Nichkhun went to congratulate Victoria for doing a good job but if you notice he just pats her arm and walks away. I know they are good friends but Victoria does not behave like a girl in love when she is with Nichkhun.

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She secret dating like to hear him talk and it becomes hard for her to control her smile. He moves his arm toward her waist to escort her. You can believe what you want to believe but it is true that they are a real couple.

He is full of life with Tiffany. Only concentrating on note cards.

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But now they have taken the next step in friendship and are dating.