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Which leading man is the most clueless? Put questions in there. They kept the relationship a secret for almost a year!

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Celebrities and fans mourn the sudden death of actor Kim Joo Hyuk 0 0. For Infinite Challenge, also see the episode masterlist of subbed episodes.

The initial pairings were decided by preferences. Choose your username Your username is how korean celebrity dating show community members will see you.

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Get K-drama news in your inbox. Posts are automatically archived after 6 months. Weekly Top 10 Asian Dramas 0 0. And if you're curious, here are the couples who announced their relationship in and There have been a ton of similar shows on cable.


What should we call you? There was a tvN show few years ago called The Romantic where a bunch of girls and guys go overseas for few days and go on dates.

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Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. It airs selected shows with subtitles about a week after they air in Korea. Please sign in to comment.

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A member of the British pop group S Club 7 attempted suicide following her appearance on Celebrity Big Brother in the United Kingdom in ; ina contestant on an Indian show swallowed poison immediately following her elimination. Check out some communities and we recommend you subscribe to at least 5.

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Best site there is for subtitles to older episodes of Infinite Challenge, and IC-related stuff. This all suggests the pressures and artificially-constructed pressure cooker environments of contemporary reality TV remain at dangerous levels, and as viewers come to expect even wilder scenes, it seems unlikely that will change despite the consequences.

A 29-year-old woman hung herself after worrying producers were editing her in a poor light.

Want to add to the discussion? If you liked this list, also check out 7 couples who fell in love on set. I do remember tvN's Love Switch having pretty good ratings at the time.

It's sort of a reality tv show where they throw a bunch of single people together into a house, and let them interact with games of chance or partner activities. Reddit is filled with interest based communities, offering something for everyone. Case in point, if you're on The Bachelor and you're asked about how you think the leading man would get on free social dating websites your seventeen cats every ten minutes, you're supposed to be the unhinged lady; if you're asked to critique other contestants' hair more than once, you're going to be the bitch.

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