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Korean squier serial number dating, 1988 - 1993 korean squier fender serial numbers

Some Squier IIs were made in India around The plywood Squiers are from Korea and other Asian makers but not from Japan. Chinese and Indonesian Squiers just leave me cold. Sungham guitars would be the same only starting with a "V". Please post your pickups questions in The 'Pup' Tent.

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The SQ Squier series was introduced in late to early He moved to Boston inwhere he built and repaired violins with his son, Victor Carroll Squier. A closer shot of the rockson.

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Dating a Fender guitar with the serial number is a hit or miss propisition. An "E2" serial number was then used for since it was the second year of production. They only made these guitars throughout Kanda Shokai owned the Greco brand name and one of the conditions of the Fender Japan agreement was that Kanda Shokai cease production of its own Greco Fender copies. I found this info put up by "Leadowner" on Fenderforum. I'm wondering about my MIJ squier strat - has an whos dating who in hollywood 2015 serial number.

Since all guitar production was moved to the Cort factory, Fender decided to change its numbering system again.

Lua1Dec 31, Let's take a look at the different korean squier serial number dating numbers and see what they mean. Squier Strat - help decode the serial number "Squier serial numbers There were also Korean Squier serials with no serial number prefix and 6 or 7.

I was wondering, is there any way to korean squier serial number dating these guitars from the serial number?

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The majority of Vintage Modified instruments are available only in right-handed configurations. Stagemaster Deluxe neck-thru maple necks with basswood wingsand the Double Fat Tele Deluxe all solid mahogany with set neckswith serial numbers starting with KC for Korean Cort, followed by 2-digit year. As always, dating by serial number is not an exact science and is seldom definitive.

The fender serial number decoder currently supports all documented mia, mij, mim Korean made fender squier guitars dating unclear ca xxxxx gold strat Korean squier serial number dating. Some early Korean serial numbers didn't have a lettered serial number at all.

Does anyone know how to decode COB? I'm just curious it's NOT going on FleeceBay, it's just about my fave guitar - the guitar I keep coming back to, despite it being rather beaten up after all these years!

Entry-level Affinity Series instruments were straightforward, basic Stratocaster, Telecaster and Precision Bass guitars in black, red and white.

Electric Building Articles fret leveling bars. Please read the Review FAQ before you post a review!! KrabDec 31, If you're not sure, post it here but remember - this is a gear forum!

How Old is My Korean Fender Guitar?

Electronics are solid but just a bit staticy when rolling the volume knob up or down. Usually the first digit represented the year of production. Turns out, it was built in the Samick factory, in You would assume Sungham would use the letter "S", but that was already taken by the Samick plant a few years earlier.