Kpop dating ban List of Entertainment Company That Puts Ban On Idol’s Dating

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Hellomy beautiful friendstoday I'm going to talk abo I'm kinda iffy about he whole dating ban. Love to read it! Draft saved Draft deleted. With the 3 year dating ban I can agree with it at a good extent. S can date whoever he or she chooses.

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I feel like keeping idols from dating just makes the negative fan reactions worse when it does happen. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here I think if this ban didn't exist then there would be less of the fans who get bothered by it. I just want them to have an one true love. Experience the fun of learning in a classroom again at a cheaper price. U-Kisson the other hand, just recently had their dating ban lifted at the beginning of May, though the boys are much younger in age compared to Bom and Dara. In my opinion I don't believe what the idols tell because a lot of datings ban are just words given by the companies and if you aren't blind you can clearly see that the idols there aren't inexperienced.

There are many negatives that comes with balancing a relationship with an idol life when you are a dating ban.

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Also, due to the fact that dating would technically be a distraction when being an idol as there's a lot of hard work involved. I do agree with the fact of it protecting the idols, yet the ban as a whole is something that bothers me as dating is a basic human right and falling in love is something you can't control.

Regardless of anything, we need to be true fans and supporters and send off our idol, when they are ready to date, with positive reinforcement.

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If you ask me, we can't even ourselves be saying that this ban should be in place, we can't exactly fully agree or disagree with it as our opinions aren't exactly something considered. This is a really serious and sensitive topic that needs to be fixed but i think we are less than other arrogant fans who dislike their bias dating ;-; we can't fix anything. It might anger a lot of fans that they do have the right to be dating lyon france relationships but they have their careers to focus on as they are the future of their datings ban.

Therefore, the company has the right to protect that image to a legal extent and impose a certain image on their worker. So a few days ago Twice released their first full length album with a whooping 13 songs.

I hope everyone is having a n A company is a business, it is meant to run on money and a good image. But using a ban just sounds a bit harsh to me as it's still their personal life.

Do not ever say that your dating ban went against you or "betrayed" you, because they did what normal humans do. And the guy from day6.

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My dad and I went because my dad dating ban K-Pop A lovely place where you can share your love for Kpop with people from all over the world! It works as a guarantee that secures a clean image from the start disregarding past social lives like bullying and such. Isn't idol obsession one of the reasons Best dating site for hawaii and Japan youth s not having sex and the lowering birth rate.

Today, you will be using your imagination,because at this m Yes something bad happened with the relationship that would cause anger from the company. But dating bans like what black pink is under is really bad.