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Kw181 hookup

best way to hook up k series speakers and k sub

That's what the DSP is for Here are some available suggestions. Reddit is filled with interest based communities, offering something for everyone. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All you have to do is feed full range signal to the subs, then out of the subs to your tops and high pass them.

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If you ever have two subs, be sure the couple them instead of separating them place them side by side or on top of each other. K12, haven't heard a sound comparison though. I've used my pair of KW's three times now with great results. You will need a truck to transport it and you will need a roadie to help move it.

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Four vocalists hookup a backline of drums sweet soundingbass, guitar and keys. I'm just curious about the setup I'm thinking on:. Learn about proper speaker placement.

The kw was very much designed with weight and portability in mind at the sophies dating manual online espaƱol of volume. Again, the p is huge.

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Played on many, heard many, but never had to set up them myself. The sub will only use the bottom end, it will not try to reproduce the high stuff. Ideally, corner loading your sub will get you the best volume results, but sometimes it's not a bad idea to place it dead centre in front of the dancefloor for maximum oomph on the floor. What should we call you? QSC is telling me you can't hook them up like that.

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A second K12 was on a stand on the other side. Because you're only running 1 sub, you may need to bring up the kw or hookup down the k12s. Then hook the kws to a Aux out send the kick, bass, synthfloor toms, ect.

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Russel Murton Newbie Offline Posts: I currently run my system mono, any idea's how I'll do this? This is how I'd wire them as well. You can only assign channels 1 thru 16 You do get some but it is pretty minimal.

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That said, a pair of k12s will likely struggle to keep up with the single yorkville. That said, would there be any "good" speaker that would be a better match for the Yorkville sub?

I also take sub group4 out of the mains.