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Lachenal concertina dating

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An Annotated Catalogue of Historic European Free-Reed Instruments from my Private Collection by Stephen Chambers A very important paper describing nineteen instruments which illustrate key points in thai dating chat room development of European free-reed instruments, with large color photographs. This arrangement frequently gives insight into dating instruments or archival materials through their internal evidence.

Brown and Stephen S. It turned out to be a Lachenal, c. Later ledgers from the Dickinson Archives contain production records from to The pan-label Lachenal details excised. Wheatstone Duet Concertina Pricelists collected by Chris Algar Most of these pricelists were found in old concertina cases.

I. Introduction

Wheatstone English Concertina Pricelists collected by Chris Algar Most of these pricelists were found in old concertina cases. The Red Books, with the numbers given to them by Neil Wayne and retained by the Horniman Museumconsist of the following: Do you know another resource that we should include? Stephen Chambers is a leading authority on the history of the concertina and a collector of early free reed instruments; he has worked as a music librarian in London and was for many years proprietor of the venerable John McNeill music store est.

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Anglo Concertina Buyer's Guide Lachenal In a competitive concertina-manufacturing and selling environment, the Lachenal company produced a range of very fine instruments, including many "student" models. I'm trying to date my lachenal but I can't find the database of serial numbers anywhere. It is the same model aslabelled H.

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All of us who own concertinas get to see the insides of our instruments more than we would sometimes like, so if yours has any such markings, please let me know. For the record, Lachenal was one of Wheatstones several employees, and the most successful, who went independent as soon as Wheatstones patents ran out, and started manufacturing off their own bat.

Sales Ledgers chronological according to date of sale, and listing names of purchasers: Bellows The bellows are in very good condition.

Edited by Dowright, 25 April - I wondered which parts were Wheatstone and what the concertina dating parts were: The constant output assumption is obviously rather dicey. Includes an introduction to the project by Margaret Birley, Keeper of Musical Instruments at the Horniman Museum, and an article by Robert Gaskins describing in detail how the ledgers were digitized.

My idea was that concertinas were sometimes sold with a retailer's stamp and a date inside them. Many corners on the bellows have been patched, when I get some free time I'll do the job properly.

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For example, whereas each of the Wheatstone fulcrums for the button levers was painstakingly hammered in by hand, Lachenal devised a machine to push an entire set into the action board in one press.

Lachenals eventually went bust in the s, and concertina dating taken over by Wheatstone who apparently completed instruments sitting in the workshop and sold them as their own well, why not? I'm not sure about the reeds - how might I tell? No labels though, long since gone I'm afraid.

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For the last two digits of a serial number it is of no concern for estimating the year of manufacture if the digit is wrong. Pads are a sandwich with a soft fiberous layer in the middle. Their list of concertinas takes up only one third of one page and states as it had also in Please could someone point me in the right direction?