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Everyone has little idiosyncrasies their significiant other has to overlook.

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They need to find someone who really respects them for who they are. She's in the studio now, working on her sophomore album, as well as writing tunes, a few of which are inspired by her gentlemanly beau. You know you have a good boyfriend when your friends are trying to find someone just like him. Clearly, these two would be precious together.

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However, she's young and these things are fleeting. With both set to perform at the ACAs, we can't help but dating 2013 for a spark between these country cuties. Sure, Alaina may have been tweeting this about an as-of-yet unnamed boyfriend. Plus, breakups are great material for hit country songs.

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However, her less than ordinary "after school job" has already started to affect her social life. He says its from having never held a mic before American Idoland Alaina never seemed to mind the kooky grip. All the Disney Remakes Happening Through Every time they did a duet, we caught ourselves thinking they could be the next Tim and Faith or Blake and Miranda.


When I tried out for 'Idol,' I was 16, and I was gone for a year and a half. As for McCreery, he told Taste of Country no topping is off-limits. Before the finale of Alaina and McCreery's American Idol season, Alaina told reporters that even if she lost, she'd be a champ "because [Scotty] is the bomb. Luckily, Lauren wised up and found her new guy.

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Share on Twitter Share on Facebook. McCreery has been quoted as saying that, prior to American Idolthings were pretty rough in the love department. That said, she adds, "My boyfriend is really great. These two are cuter together than Danny and Sandy from Grease. Country NewsExclusives.

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When she isn't slinging sass for SheKnows, she enjoys watching campy SyFy creature features Pirahnaconda, anyone? And its a good thing you don't need one Bc in case you haven't noticed by me ignoring you everytime you text or call I'm done with you! Although Alaina is funny, goofy and loud around McCreery, those who've always known her have said in interviews that the Southern girl is actually quite shy.