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Choose a delicious recipe while learning this new technique together. Try an afternoon as a thrifty spender. Make a goofy home video about a restaurant owner who keeps getting STRANGE customers one person is the owner and the other s is every customer, dressed up differently and strangely every time.

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And then take her home. Have a starry, starry night. Head over to the park and play childhood games like hide-and-seek or capture-the-flag.

Make a Grand Slam type breakfast for dinner! The idea for this party was to wear with pride the ugliest Christmas sweater you could possibly track down.

Board Games with a Twist

Then everyone can sit and eat together and then open the envelope to find out who won. Watch the Saturday morning session of General Conference together and then go out to lunch. For starters, why do we bother dating in the first place? Try some candy making techniques like dipping chocolates, caramel, toffee or pulling taffy. Take her to a house where everyone is meeting where everyone has one slice of pizza. Learn how to swing, ballroom, or country dance and then show off your steps to your friends.

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Go Bowling or make your own bowling lane out of paper cups and a tennis ball. Then have each couple write and make a short movie about that toy.

They can take that toy around the yard, anywhere in the house… it will be fun to see how clever everyone gets!

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Make a Meal - Decide to meet at his or her house, and both of you bring your favorite food items, once at the house try to make something from the food that both of you brought. And see who can do the best!

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This site does not support the current version of your web browser. These ideas really helped. Include enough details to help others to make the activity successful. Or, you can try an early morning hike.

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For something out of the ordinary, have a formal dinner in the park instead of in a fancy restaurant. Take some pictures as you go. Then they rang the doorbell and ran.

Split into teams and go on a walk along a trail.

Popcorn and youth group dating ideas Night: Last one in wins. See how creative they can get — they can even find pictures online and tape them into various rooms and places in the yard. Remember that pairing off for an activity—dating—is reserved for those 16 and older. Have you ever toured your own city? Have fun and serve at the same time.