Lead corrosion dating Lead corrosion dating

Lead corrosion dating

Al SekhanehB. The Institute of Physics IOP is a lead corrosion dating scientific society promoting lead corrosion dating and bringing physicists together for the benefit of all. These metrics are regularly updated to reflect usage leading up to the last few days.

Sign up for new issue notifications. The Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft DPG with a tradition extending back to is the largest physical society in the world with more than 61, members. Ellis Horwood pp Electroanalysis 23 Meissner fraction in the superconducting state of lead archaeological artifacts is used to evaluate the mass of the uncorroded metal in the sample.

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Materials and Corrosion 67 Received 25 March Knowing the total mass of the sample, the mass of all corrosion products is established.

This methodology is based on the comparison of the height of specific voltammetric features from PbO 2 and PbO corrosion products formed under long-term alteration conditions.

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For a more comprehensive list of citations to this article, users are encouraged to perform a search in SciFinder. Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry 16 By continuing to use this site you agree to our use of cookies.


The method presented is in principle non-destructive. Microchemical Journal Forensic Science International Pure and Applied Chemistry 85. Data summary of samples, photographs, experimental details, and additional figures. This material is available free of charge via the Internet at http: A methodology for dating archeological lead artifacts based on the voltammetry of microparticles is described.

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Ben AmorE. Calibration of the method was performed with the help of a series of well-documented lead pieces from the funds of different museums of the Comunitat Valenciana Spain covering from the fifth century B.

Microscopy Research and Technique 75 S Reich et al New J. Antiquity 25 Crossref.

Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry 21 5 Theories, Methods and Practice London: Find more information on the Altmetric Attention Score and how the score is calculated. The DPG sees itself as the forum and mouthpiece for physics and is a non-profit organisation that does not pursue financial interests.

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