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Lol matchmaking takes forever, guidelines

I guess it takes time to find 5 players who match making on their own.

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What's taking so long? Sometimes it's just bad timing, if you play at unusal times not as many players the game simply can't find a good matchup in rank, ping as well as team composition. You are going to: Want to add to the discussion? We took a few steps from spawn and already got lit up from windows I can't even see into When you're finished, check out the boards to join in the latest League of Legends discussions.

But Im waiting for 10 and no game has been found yet.

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There's people like me who don't want to play ranked because they actually enjoy the random nature of spawns in casual. I'm about to just play HoN I think, at least there I can still find a game with relative ease. Switch to Chronological View.

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On top of that, less people play ranked. You won't be able to vote or comment.

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I don't wanna risk losing my rank of Platinum to some kid who decided he should TK our whole team for some stupid reason and if it's my matchmakings takes forever that cock up I'm going to be hell of a lot more forgiving than some random person. New Matchmaking too slow Soteri0s NA.

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Playing on Xbox One in Australia: WEU strangely is laggier and takes longer to find people. Any survivors and their whole team will rush outside into a blood thirsty manhunt. By default, ranked will take longer as it has algorithms in place to at least attempt to make a fair match despite failing more often than not.

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Sign up for free! Considering the premade thing, this now makes sense. Seems like there are way more people refusing to play ranked until they have a full team they trust and believe me, I understand completely than just queuing up at any time.

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