Lowering your standards dating How to Lower Your Standards (and Keep Your Dignity and Boner)

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What I want to ask about is this. I didn't want to see myself with a girl who wasn't my equal in looks, because it would confirm that I was underachieving.

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You reread every text. Guys that are good at this stuff will sleep with 1 or 2 universally hot or attractive girls in a month. I want to be the best I can be and know I can be better than a pua.

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In the moment, I can get just as turned on by doing this kinky shit with closer-to-average lowering yours standards dating as I do by having basic intercourse with closer-to-perfect girls. Thanks for the post.

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You look back and you just feel stupid. Leave your comments Login dating website business post a comment. I had to come meet you and say hi.

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If you want to be nailing the real hotties one day, at least temporarily - you need to start having sex and enjoying women in general. I was a virgin until June of this year but have banged 5 women through dating sites since then by lowering my standards. I have been doing this for a while now. What is wrong with having high standards?

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As long as she gets my dick hard not ugly, not fat it's a lot more important that I actually like her. Is that really any sort of life you want to live? Also, closer-to-avearge girls are often more willing to be experimental and kinky on the first night and they are generally easier to keep around.

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I told myself that anything less than a really hot girl probably couldn't even turn me on and there would be no point in even trying to get her in bed. If you want me — learn to climb.

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Sometimes, the confidence boost will be as much as if you fucked a hotter girl who just laid there silently. This is because our "standards" and preservation of ego are directly tied to our pride and self-worth.

In my opinion, he could definitely get any girl he wanted.

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But ultimately, I want to discuss how lowering your standards can actually lead you to higher quality, more beautiful women over the long haul.