Lu-hf garnet dating Dating subduction-zone metamorphism with combined garnet and lawsonite Lu–Hf geochronology

Lu-hf garnet dating

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Most read Most cited. Caledonian orogenesis in Scotland is currently interpreted in terms of a Mid-Ordovician arc—continent collision Grampian event followed by the Silurian collision of Laurentia with Baltica Scandian event.


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The different ages date the timing of high- P metamorphism within each protolith and suggest that garnet—lawsonite eclogite metamorphism pre-dated garnet—lawsonite blueschist metamorphism in these samples by c. In poly-metamorphic assemblages where the pressure and temperature can be estimated for dating ru search garnet and lawsonite sub-assemblages, the age discrepancy between garnet and lawsonite may provide the ability to quantify the rates of heating or cooling and subduction or exhumation.

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OkayAnatoly M. If your organization uses OpenAthens, you can log in using your OpenAthens username and password. Abstract To investigate the systematics of the Lu— Hf and Sm— Nd garnet chronometers, we performed REE and garnet dating analyses on garnet crystals of different size 0.

A similar record of Mid- and Late Ordovician metamorphic events within the Laurentian-derived Uppermost Allochthons of Norway has been attributed to episodic accretion significantly prior to Silurian continent—continent collision and closure of the Iapetus Ocean.

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