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Madden matchmaking low medium high

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Yes, sounds most logical. Im going to have to buy ps plus to play h2h.

Im going to guess that it works similar to ranked h2h, it will look for a player on your level first, and if one cant be found it will expand the search to within 1 madden matchmaking low medium high, within 2 levels, and so on. The more I think about it the more it doesn't make any sense at all to match according to OVR.

First off - it has nothing to do with overalls. Matching players based on their overall win percentage or amount of wins they have accumulated could be a good start.

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I really think its random. I'm a 92 overall still facing people with high 80s to 99 overalls.

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I'm certain it's probably someone in the same division with certain connection parameters location, ping, etc. Playing online has toatally ruined this game for me.

I think it is useless on zone coverages. Originally Posted by ggsimmonds. It is a vicious cycle lol.

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Ok I see where I might be wrong in my thought process but it should be able to take into consideration your "Skill" level free dating cougar uk matching you up.

Originally Posted by linny Playing online has toatally ruined this game for me. I'm glad to hear this - it is exactly how it should be.

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Rollback Post to Revision RollBack. Have a question and didnt know where else to ask.

How does H2H matchmaking actually work???

You should probably stop feeling rookies. Administrator of Viking Forums.

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I really think its just like ranked, if you are higher ranked you have a higher chance to play another player with a high rank, but if one isnt available it will match you with someone higher or lower just so you get a game without a huge wait. Senator Palmer and Shogun like this. So I understand where you are coming from but I guess what Im trying to say is there is room to improve this H2H stuff!!! This site works best with JavaScript enabled.


I do have a 96 ovr team though, so dont need to get my ass whooped right away by a vet player. Page 43 of How often do you protect the sticks?

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Brings us a big question for me: Originally Posted by ggsimmonds Brings us a big question for me: Want to play a card game? Can you leave a team and join another as a coach? Originally Posted by lowndsy Can you leave a team and join another as a coach?

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Only a matter of time before a cpu hit stick takes place to lose the game for you. It may have something to do with DNF if it has any relationship to the way that ranked searches work.

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I just leave mine set to "any". Once I know that I can go to bed in peace.