Mark prin and mint natwara dating Mark Prin And Mint Natwara Dating

Mark prin and mint natwara dating

Not trying to say Mint N is ugly.

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She is better off without them. R u gonna say she is herself, and Kim is herself so this has nothing to do with Kim?

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Right now, a lot of people see me in a mark prin and mint natwara dating light and I accept that. So tell me, how r u so sure that Kim is innocent?

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I admit that I am wrong with everything and want this to end as fast as it can. Idk if u r a Kim fan or not. Verb choice can change the whole meaning of a sentence or make it even stronger or weaker.

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The words he uses are so harsh. You guys cuss at Mark cause you guys are mad.

I hope they can all be friends again but only time will tell. The situation itself is shameful and yet he does not even ACT as if he cared!

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But this is a very hard thing to accept. Kim definitely is part of the problem. Kim left with mark?

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Your email address will not be published. But after reading the article, it looks like Mark started the conversation by addressing Mint with an inappropriate word.

I have to admit that they can act well. Mint, Boy and Margie were left in the group. September 12, at 8: Now that this happen, both she n mark really disappointed me.

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But to think of it, if Mint said something bad, then Mark will surely use it to clear things for him. Mark talk about her cause people Kept saying kim is supporting Mark, and that they are feuding. Also, if Mint leaked it, was she wrong for doing that?

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I only has a chance to speak to the elders from the channel. I think I can understand a little bit of what must have happened. But omg so mad make me just want to shout and jump around!!!!! I agree with you Kk. I would like not to disclose what that is. Mark needs to reevaluate himself.

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I'm not a fan of Mint N too. All I said is that there is a positive side and negative side of a subject so ppl will think of the negative side first. June 18, at 1: He isn't as charming as his looks because his character proved that he is plain RUDE! If it isgrow up and suck it in because whatever she post is a real karma!

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Mark himself even told her to CAP his words. You guys are just applying it to Mint. Its all over IG that kim is this and that so he is just saying they arent fighting omg you guys are finding your own irrelevant reasons to go against Kim.

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Her acting still looks stiff. It was written that Kim had feelings for Mark and she even left her boyfriend at that time for him, but Mark was not interested in her because he was close to Mint.