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Marriage not dating kiss ep 9

Ki Tae looks like he is reall about Jang-mi, but still acts like an idiot - what was in his head when he let Se-ah to get into the car to chase after hurt Jang-mii?

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I agree that this episode a little teeny weeny bit of a let down on the second leads part, ONLY that though. The laughs are reducing.

It was hilarious their truth or dare game was a riotand there was lots of kissing:: Please encourage them by leaving a comment below!

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Wanting a baby, being a single mother, not wanting to get married, they'll just be friends This is why I love how Jang-mi is bringing him out of that. Download App Play on App.

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Jang Mi tells Se Ah that girls are suppose to bond by bad-mouthing other people and when Gi Tae appears and asks who they were bad-mouthing, Jang Mi just asks who does he think? I know she more than just deserves it, but it's just so humiliating, still, being in her position. Similarly to how he chooses not to have it out with mom and her crazy marriage-pushing ploys… GiTae, grow a pair and deal with these women.

Now he is realizing that there's another option to living alone, that he can be happy by being with the right partner. Another thing that irks me about her character is that it never really seemed like she and Jang Mi were close friends, and yet every time they talk Hyun Hee guilt trips her and needles her as if she has an inalienable right to know everything about her life.

It was refreshing to have her be our resident truth monitor in this episode.


That was my first reaction too. Thank goodness for preggo best friends calling? Update your email address Unfortunately we were unable to marriage not dating kiss ep 9 your email address during sign up. Thankfully Hoon-dong shows up to be a mood-killer and forces everyone to play together where he can keep an eye on them.

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Savannah August 1, at 9: Despite the bat-crazy second leads, and sicko "best friend. Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip.

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Gi Tae just smiles, takes off his shirt and relaxes. And it obviously isn't a baby that she wants. It sounds like she really needs a friend today, so Jang-mi asks if she wants to come to where she is.

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Urg, he IS sorry! Why is it so hard for people to just talk about things?


And I love them. Please disable compatibility mode to improve your experience.

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Jang Mi starts panicking and tries to call her but she left her phone behind so Yeo Reum and Jang Mi run around to look for her. But Ki-tae just enjoys the petty retribution and says he deserves it, leaving Hoon-dong to chase him around the yard. We all sensed that Gi Tae was slowly falling in love with Jang Mi but whether it was reciprocal was more of the question. Se Ah smiles and asks if they are going thereand Gi Tae says yes. This episode was so strange!