Marriage not dating kiss Marriage Not Dating (2014)

Marriage not dating kiss

I laughed so much!!

Watched this fort the 3rd time just to have a good rom-com in between my watch list. It's fun to watch.

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It makes the scenarios seem more realistic, and they are more relatable for mature audiences. Good to see and hopefully an inspiration. Monica Aug 25 5: The chemistry of the leads is so natural. Gunn Aug 27 1: Good job production team!

Can look quite desperate for a young girl. Hd khan Jul 26 3: The 1st five episodes are refreshing for me Jang Mi is soo pretty.

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That is only one marriage not dating kiss among many throughout the series so far. He is cute, but not my type, I guess The main lead got the best chemistry I can't get over it!!! I can't help but lol.

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Watch it you will not regret it! Kong Ki-Tae has no personality and the chemistry between the two main characters is virtually inexistent. Nic Aug 25 6: Sera May 11 If I were younger, I would have liked this.

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Everything make me laughing louder and louder!!!!!! And I have a feeling something more may happen in the later episodes. I'm not old either only Then BAM, the kiss. The female lead is so pathetic that is so painful for me to watch.

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