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Marriage not dating yt

We will never know the whole truth and she may have caused professional damage, it's hard to not say it didn't come from a place of bitterness. Their family dynamic feels complicated but her words seem tailored to cause harm. Chandler September 9, at 8: Still one of my favorite kdrama romcoms and it has one of my favorite intros in a kdrama. Believe me, Eric's marriage not dating yt was pure of awesomeness. Despite what I wrote above about having found Eric slightly less awesome on rewatchingOHYA still isn't over for me either.

He'll be good as the sexy marriage not dating yt. I really like her.

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Adira September 9, at 8: Is someone else baffled how actor's career get over in korea over "scandals" which would be discussed for like 5 minutes and forgotten in other countries??? She always asks for the "pink cd," and while I've somewhat forgotten the details of the drama itself, the OST has kept it still very top-of-mind for me. Kim seul gi super yes!

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What we're watching by DB Staff. We are not related by blood and not close at all should've been enough.

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Plus the step -sister's later vitriol is just rubbish. Girl needs to act again. I am definitely lucky to have my family. And his strength I think we could get his emotions even from small gestures he did.

Chips, I sound old. Can't wait to see what they come up with this time! If he acted awkward and stiff in OHY means the character was written like that.

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It was far from a perfect show, but sometimes I wonder if that's why I love it so much. Rachela September 8, at 6: Han Groo seems happily married and she should come back to drama land soon.

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How are ppl so sure she didn't try to ask HG to stop talking about her privately at first anyway? I had no idea that mentioning your family members in a favorable light could come back to bite you. I think he really detailed learn about his characters in dramas.

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Children in divorce suffer at both ends. At any rate, what I'm really saying is that Eric inhabits his roles rather successfully, so that I am much less curious about his real person, than I am interested in retaining his drama personas.

Maybe they could pair Eric with Han Groo Their comments about HG were harsh http: How is this reflecting "way worse on the stepsister than it does on Han Groo"? Early is going to be amaaaazing drama wise. Beanfan September 9, at Its easy for people here to blame the step sister coz Han groo is a fave.

Honestly you and your mother and brother are family goals. Yoon September 10, at 4: Marriage Not Dating was crazy good, the ost is still in my head. People should just accept that Han Groo has a complicated family situation which is none of our business instead of letting their bias affect their judgement when they have no say in the matter.