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Marriage without dating ep 13 preview

She accuses Jang-mi of plotting revenge, and wonders if what she wanted all this time was money.

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Hope she stays that way. Then typically, in dramaland or in real life, the typical response will be 'Everything is too complicated to explain and it will take egos to explain.

Jung Mi also said that what was not meant to be hers will not be hers, like she and the branded bags which she touched and took care of everyday.

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But, I'm also glad that she realized that looking after yourself doesn't always have to require cutting the people you care about out of your life. Where we still have no answer for the burning question: I never ever ever ever desperately waited for a drama online.

But its going to take a leap of faith for her to pursue that again after everything she's been through.

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Ki-tae then runs around town delivering the chicken to everyone he knows, because who in his right mind could eat ten chickens every day. I like the double irony in Ki Tae bringing Hoon Dong chicken when there is chicken in his own restaurant and Yeo Reum asking Jang Mi to run his restaurant when she her family owns a restaurant.

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How do you get your meddlesome family off your back? It mostly consists of standing in front of the fryer swatting at flies, and she definition of dating in 2013 for a bottle of soju.


They are so cute together, and I so agree with JM. Her acting is well done too. Or maybe i just really dislike yeoreum and want him gone lol.

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Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Thanks so much for the recap, girlfriday. How the tables have turned, and how happy I am that they have. A few times what she said and what he said contradicted their physical actions, which is just good acting overall Her expectations of Jang-mi is very justified and I love how betrayed she felt when she believed the blogger was Jang-mi's form of revenge.

He should have been kick to the curb a long time ago and get a good divorce lawyer. She says that she had high expectations for Jang-mi, which is why her disappointment was so big as well.


Looking forward to the next episode! While You Were Sleeping: Hyun-hee sits down with Ki-tae and notes bitterly that he seems fine after leaving Jang-mi in that state, and he counters that Jang-mi is the one ignoring him. I always thought it was a bit random as well. He falters a little when she prods and he says he might, but he quickly marriages without dating ep 13 preview it back.

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She says she feels bad about bringing him into this, but he sets her straight: Oddly, seventeen years later, all are still happy couples. But funnier and more charming?

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I love the feel of full circle and this drama does that so well. I understand how, after falling for and trusting in someone for the first time in forever Ki-tae might be a little eager to just get married and be done with it.