Married woman single mom Stop Calling Yourself “A Married Single Parent”

Married woman single mom

The phenomenon traverses socio-economic lines, said Mom Complex founder Katherine Wintsch, from wives of truck drivers and construction workers to spouses of CEOs, athletes and doctors.

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Oh, Michelle, thank you for being someone who speaks up and a witness to your faith. Hey, I really liked this. Points 4 and 6 really hit home for me because of the questions even your children get asked about their paternal unit or lack there of is crazy and cutting for them as well as for you.

Or just as likely, we’ve got questions and you’ve got answers.

I was a single mom as well and I wondered about having a male role model for my son to teach him to tough, strong, gentlemanly, etc. They force their kids to call the other partner mom or dad, or at the very least their step mom or dad and yet still refer to themselves as single parents- while having a partner who has a very difficult job in walking that tight rope between appropriate or not and trying to help run the household and take care of any family they might have or develop….

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There was no one else to back me up if there was an emergency. Right now, it is.

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Thanks for your comment, Shelby. Only my niave way of expressing the current feelings of struggle…again, my deepest apologies and inmmediate correction!!

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It is comforting to know there are people out there that truly understand: Thank you so much for your kind response and help. This was so interesting to read and to read some of the comments.

Thank you for this article. I also came up with a mantra: Do not negate the very real power of having another adult in the home.

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I plan on sharing this article with all my married friends who claim to be single parents as well. I have also experienced a lot of married woman single mom, judgment, and misunderstanding — so I felt the need to at least put one conversation out there to counter it!

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I work an 65hr workweek mostly from home in order to afford my privilege of staying home with my daughter, yet I still feel incredibly blessed — but that difference alone highlights something to me. But yes, as you describe, there are certain things that can get taken for granted or overlooked married woman single mom there is just a lack of awareness.

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I too tend to shy away from the label because it is often loaded with a negative connotation. I was a single mother to 4 for almost 11 years.

But, that is something separate and different from being a single parent. Tony left at 9: As a single mom since I was 5 months prego as well, I felt like you took the words out of my mouth.

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Is our life ideal? I have been in every situation…single parent, dating parent, unmarried yet together parent, married parent, married yet doing it all myself parent.

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Hi Sherri, Thanks so much for your comment.