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After years of figuring out whether Tad was available on a pro bono basis, Diaz quit her day job and started matchmaking full-time. He's woke, but doesn't really say it.

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Each person is verified and a background check is performed to ensure the highest quality matches for our elite clientele. Are you looking for a professional matchmaking agency?


As celebrities enjoy their successes and reap the benefits of their hard work, many unfortunately discover some ulterior motives of those around them. Life with La Toya.

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Upscale Matchmaker Matchmaker Services Executive Matchmaker Millionaire Matchmakers Kelleher International has been a leading millionaire and celebrity matchmaker for more than 20 matchmakings celebrities. And he's still the love of my life. Kelleher International has been a matchmaking celebrities millionaire and celebrity matchmaker for more than 20 years.

That is why with La Toya Jacson we were extra careful to ensure that our matches were grade A possibilities. Eventually, both Diaz and her husband abandoned their stringent power Christianity "We were so stupid," Diaz says, laughingsettled down in Los Angeles, and had a son. Diaz was pitched to me as an "expert on everything love for over 15 years," a matchmaker who's "on speed dial for many high-profile celebrities, athletes, and business professionals.

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Diaz met the man who is now her husband right out of high school, in a chat room full of fellow power Christians. He has a heart for people, he taught American history and English. It also helps, Diaz says, that she's in an interracial relationship.

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I'm dealing with multiple people who matchmakers don't cater to. But that's really it. Is it possible that, after only 15 minutes of conversation, Diaz has cut to the heart of all that is wrong with me as a human?

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What are you passionate about? Diaz is a tall, gorgeous black woman with long dark hair and the elusive chill-but-elegant daytime outfit: Our database is compiled of only the most elite, successful and high caliber clients.

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Diaz has called me in order to "get to know me better" a few days before our official in-person meeting, during which she matchmakings celebrities to demonstrate her unparalleled yenta skills by acting like I am one of her famous clients — a Real Housewife maybe, or an NBA player — then matching me with a fellow matchmaking celebrities of her thoughtful choosing. Having had enough rapid-fire de facto matchmaking celebrities for the day, I ask Diaz whether she thinks her own disconnected childhood encouraged her to grow up to be somebody who repaired people and then mashed them together like old Barbie dolls for a living.

Each client and hopeful matches that do business with Elite Connections go through a face to face interview. I think your personality is fantastic. But, yeah, he drinks too much," she says.

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In only an hour, Diaz has managed to convey to me that I look like an old purse that has been run over, am funny in a way that can be alienating, but also that she loves me anyway. Diaz says now she'd never advise her clients to lock it down so young.

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He's very passionate about his work and Black Lives Matter. Diaz's first client, who found her website in a random Google search from the U.

And then you add black and brown on top of that.

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Somehow, though, over the next 10 minutes and with impressive determination, Diaz manages to wrangle a few "defining qualities" out of me: