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This level of salt would put Kripparian to shame. Its nice to see it come from a blue instead of just us regurgitating the same things about it and not being believed. It would be difficult now as you can no longer see your 'previous opponent' matchmaking hearthstone arena a match.

But you can also get matched against someone who goes infinite and just happens to be at that moment. I can confirm this, I've asked many people post-game what their current standings were, a couple of which were friends. It's still stupid and incredibly complex for something that probably won't give Blizzard any noticeable profit increase especially given the cost to implement, update, and keep track of thisbut I guess it's possible.

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You get more matchups at against s, for lack of people playing. As far as I know,I think it matches two players with the same number of wins,whoever wins Man, I gotta take a more mature approach to ladder, given that, then. And you also get this adorable matchmaking hearthstone arena blue text that can create reddit rage but usually is too harmless to be mad at.

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Yes, it's not exact. We would get on and stream, get in the queue, and those 3 teams would queue dodge us all night so we would literally sit in queue for 6 hours BS'ing on skype and then log off and go to bed without a single game played. So how are people actually matched in arena?

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And that is why at rank 20 there are so many people with legendaries paired with new players and the new player experience sucks. This name will be used to credit you for things you share on Reddit. I also gor an example. At least this is what someone from blizzard told us a very long time ago and I assume its still that way. The first problem with that I can think of is that it would make the climb a lot worse for people who have a high MMR.

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I love the post that "during the last few decades places like cern have caused rifts in our reality" and the program is now trying to destroy humanity. We aren't talking about a tournament, we are talking about a time-limited ladder and a matchmaker we have no control over.

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I'm never at high ranks on ladder, though. That way, beginners are matched with other beginners, not experienced players who happened to lose some games.

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Though I didn't do match-making, and I didn't do online ranking. I'd ignore collection size and time played and focus more on "Wins with the specific class you're currently using" and possibly "Level of the specific class you're current using" which is a readily available stat.

Good timing with your win-streak stars will make the only big difference.