Matchmaking t-127 T-15, T-127 or M22 Locust ?

Matchmaking t-127

Indeed, the sloped armor will allow you to bounce a lot of shots from other tanks of the same tier, and take multiple hits without much trouble.

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Skyguy 7 Posted 01 June - Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Not to mention it can also see tier 4, and you're a lot more fragile at that tier. I'd say theyre both worth it but only but them when theyre on discount. I hope to one day be wealthy enough to be considered eccentric rather than just plain nuts.

Yea, but if the enemy are alone, just snap shot, don't take a chance to aim longer then get a hit. Edited by Psykmoe, Oct 28 - You won't be able to dominate in any prem tank, they are all weaker than their fully upgraded tech tree peers. TacPenguin 7 Posted 16 September - Valentine II - no clue, don't have one. By dualmaster Started Thursday at Search Advanced Search section: The T15 is probably the matchmaking t-127 tier 3 active scout tank.

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However it will see tons of tier 4 tanks but as you can use acpr for creds its not really that big a deal. There are 12 battle tiers.

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Really, just pick one of them, they are all good. Only have the Locust.

The is matchmaking t-127 a tier 3 Is7, it's a fighting tank. Search Advanced Search section: You really have to pick fights carefully. CptCheez 25 Posted 04 June - When some trendy new atrocity has brought you to your knees Come with us we'll sail the Seas of Cheese.

Same MM as Valentine which only ever sees tier 4 or lower. Gunny's Phunnies, not high art, just fun video PatchesThePirate 3 Posted 16 September - Fast as a bullet but turns like a boat, accurate gun low damage mind and easy to run out of matchmaking t-127 but you can rack up nice scores.

I've taken it out a few times and haven't seen a tier 7 since. Is the T decent now in 8.

The T is decent, but only if you can deal with the massive amount of clueless new players through no fault of their own and the occasional seal clubber. Objectively, the T is the better premium, though. It should come down to play who have. Like I said before: But, its not a good idea to skip tiers esp for a new player so maybe KV-1 ,Hetzer and Matilda.

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The T uses a gun that can penetrate most equivalently tiered tanks and offers a good rate of fire. Very few other nation line's offer a similar number of premium tanks for trainers -- USA medium line; German medium line; Soviet heavy line come to mind off hand.

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Rostlaube 2 Posted 16 September - That sounds good, as I noticed them getting stuck in Tier 5 matches alot in 7. Just remember to use "Follow this Topic" feature as "My Content" is still broken.