Maytag fridge water hookup How to Install the Water Dispenser Tube Assembly

Maytag fridge water hookup

You need to clear out the water tubing to get out any gunk before attaching it to your fridge. Slide on the pressure nut and then the ferrule from the water line kit onto the plastic water line then carefully attach the nut water line to the refrigerator water inlet valve.

If you find any leaks simply tighten the nuts or the screws on the water valve only slightly until leak stops. Repeat this process to connect the red-tipped black water tube and the red fitting.

Water Connection Style 2: Replace the base grille. Close the clasp around the tubing, making sure it snaps into place.

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Connect the water tube to the water valve and tighten the nut with your hand, then turn once more with a wrench. Now, turn the new water valve on with the end of the water line in the bucket. There are two hook up spots on the back.

Is the water dispenser tube(some models) correctly connected ?

After placing a cap on the inlet valve, I still do not have water or ICE. Login User Name Remember Me? Minutes, Hours, or days?

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Find All Thanked Posts. Dispense water and check for leaking from fittings. Depending on brand of refrigerator, you will need certain types of water filters. Step 11 — If there are no leaks, plug in your refrigerator and turn the ice fridge water hookup on. Start the line from the refrigerator but do not install it onto the fridge yet. This DIY "Do it Yourself" website was created by maintenance professionals and home renovating experts.

Reconnect the water dispenser tubing. The you should have one tube leaving the valve for the ice maker and one if yours has it to the water through the door. Water Connection Style 1: If it is leaking from the fridge water hookup connector of the valve you will need to determine if it is the hose leaking or the connection, make sure the hose connection has a farrell Advertisement googletag.

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They are connected inside the fridge somehow as again when I turned on the water to the hose that goes to the water filter, water came OUT the inlet valve. Step 5 — Attach it right over the hole you drilled.

How long do I need to leave it on to see if it works?

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It works great however I was left to hook it the water myself. Step 7 — Put the compression nut and ferrule onto the water tubing that came with your kit.

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Any ideas or help would be appreciated. Step 4 — Use the water valve saddle valve that came with your fridge water line kit and attach it to the cold water pipe using a screwdriver and the clamps it came with.

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If you have a choice, select a vertical pipe not horizontal, as sediment can enter the fridge water line easier.