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Praise the online dating gods for answering our datings website. Just why is dating at business school so intense?

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Secondly, DMS is exclusively designed for college students at specific schools and schools within close proximity to each other. At the end of the day, remember they are your support network, they know you best. For one, MBA students are highly social animals.

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In addition to BeLinked, there are apps for those looking for an even more niche dating app than The League. We got to our desert oasis via camels, watched the sunset over the dunes, and rocked out until sunrise.

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He too lives in Silicon Valley. You are using an outdated version of Internet Explorer. Despite the comparisons with dating in high school, there is one significant difference. Check out our upcoming webinars, prospective student days, and information sessions on campus and around the world. MBA students are typically in their late 20s to early 30s, and dating website of them are either in a relationship or married when they enroll.

Your partner is the best person to help keep you grounded, to push back, and to be your cheerleader.

Just why is dating at business school so intense?

The League is due to roll out first in San Francisco; other cities will follow suit depending on demand, the company says. Sign up for our Funniest Tweets From Women email.

Overall, it looks like men are into women with less smarts than them frowny faceand women lust after doctors and businessmen. Speaking of romance… in the last few years, many business schools have been going all out to woo women, to balance a sex ratio heavily skewed in favour of male students.

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Step into the world of weird news. And so, The League was born. Meyer and Alexa say they plan to move into Chicago and Boston where the same rules will apply.

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When it comes to the dating game, this suggests just one thing for women stalking campus for dates — easy pickings. The site's founder explained its selective premise to the NYT by saying that "his generation was bred to attend the best schools, maximize revenues and grab the most gilded opportunities, even in matters of the heart.

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But as we got to know each other through our discussion group, I came to respect him greatly. Featured Why Amazon's new headquarters sweepstakes makes it the 'smartest company in the world'.

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I think it happens because there is a lot of alignment on the outlook of life — you want to be stimulated intellectually by your partner, and the most amazing perspectives and topics come up daily while at HBS to facilitate those conversations. Do many people meet potential partners at HBS?

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Culture Ivy League Elite. Wild weekends and vacations notwithstanding, dating for many is goal-oriented — they are looking for something serious. What advice do you have for prospective students who are single or in a relationship?