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They lived in the middle together and both had a commute. Just be aware that dating in the class does lead to increased gossip and scrutiny — but for the right person, go ahead and give them something to talk about. Was interesting being in the same program for the first 3 years.

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How do graduate students date? I have met romantic prospects in the law school, at the Hispanic Heritage Festival, and while waiting for a friend at Bar Louie.

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Medical students are intelligent, beautiful, charismatic people who will someday make lots of money, so it makes sense that most of us come to medical school with a romantic partner.

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I am 4th year in Aus technology and dating abuse next year. You got me thinking and as far as Yi can think right now, no one of my friends from med school met their partner there.

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In terms of cons, the obvious one is figuring out when to have kids I suppose. It is well known that medical school is like high school - people form cliques, and if you and your significant other break up, people will take sides. I don't usually take long vacations because the amount of work that piles up when you get back can be overwhelming.

I met my wife during my first year of medical school.

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Move cross continent with boyfriend as PGY3's, break up after 3 months and spend 9 months living and working together in a pokey rural ED having the best time together as great mates.

You must create an account or log in to vote on posts on Reddit. In fairness, we did not actually date during that rotation. Thanks for the concern, but I'm actually head-over-heels for this girl: We met 4th year when I switched from ortho to rads and did an away rotation at her med student dating each other.

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Well in residency it was fairly easy to switch call, and sometimes you would have a month or two of outpatient or research rotations which were easy to get home early. All of them are still married.

You'll see each other once a year.

Posts are automatically archived after 6 months. Because we doctors have fewer of them and if both of you are doctors, you'll be tied down for even more holidays.

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How is it going or why did it end? Sure plenty of women can have children easily in their forties, but plenty of women have trouble conceiving without IVF in their late 20's. You have a say in this matter as well as her.

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Louis at 3 a.