Meetup speed dating SPEED DATING, MEETUP!

Meetup speed dating

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That will affect several groups in my area if they enforce it. BBG, Is the email you listed in your post one from Meetup that was sent to someone you know?

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As far as targeting speed dating, I also had some members write in and complain that they are taking this away. At least grandfather in the existing groups if they want to put restrictions on new groups formed about a "banned topic".

Also members don't like it when I say to them that I can stop the emails but they will never get another one from the group because of the filter. Just wish more organizers even knew what a huge issue this is!

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We really want to help you find success on Meetup. If this keeps going in the same direction Meetup will most likely melt down.

Please get over the idea that making a profit and creating community are mutually exclusive. While I have seen emails about them now prohibiting "dating services" and "pick up artist meetups", this is the first I'm hearing of not being able to have Meetup groups "for singles of a certain age, or singles in a certain location"??

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There are 11, "singles" Meetup groups with a total of 10, members! Wow, that's a big change, and I'm not sure I understand the reasoning. Singles groups with an age range is about the most common type of group. May 16, You'll find more information about our Community Guidelines here: Also meetup now allows for commercial business to be on meetup.

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There is nothing wrong with making money on meetup. Did you miss your activation email? It has been in their terms of service for a long time now.

A lot of what has happened with Meetup speed dating the years has never been properly thought through and they don't appear open to suggestion. Home Help Search Login Register. Part of what is going on is the excess e-mail complaints, most of which are probably from people who belong navy dating service speed dating groups where the same events are typically posted.

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In order to provide a quality and more personally relevant experience for our members, Meetups for singles of a certain age, or singles in a certain location, are not specific enough to qualify as Meetup groups. Prohibited dating services and events include, but are not limited to, speed dating, dating clinics, and date coaching.

Wait, so now singles groups that are limited with age ranges are not permitted?

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I run a movie and for the same event i have to sended out a reminder If they do, please update the focus of your group and events to realign with our policies. Fun Stuff, Framingham Walking Club.

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That's a weird email, because there's a space and period in a spot that incompletely quotes the actual community guidelines: