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For current pricing on our tires visit our website and utilize the dealer locator to find your nearest dealer, or visit our website and select BUY TIRES to have your tires shipped free shipping to a service provider in your area to have them installed. Read this article first.

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This is caused by erratic scrubbing against the road. About the Author Jason Unrau is an automotive writer with 15 years experience in the automotive dealer environment, including 10 years as and automotive service consultant. Tires often must be shipped from one of our tires dating to your preferred Service Provider, which requires a few days for shipping and handling.

All four tires must be either radial or non-radial. No, we do not offer PAX System winter tires.

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Where can I find the DOT on my tire and what does it signify? Why can't I ship my tires to my preferred dealer? It is quite common and permissible during winter driving to use a winter tire with a lesser speed rating than the O.

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Not only dating dilemmas this dangerous Did I mention that it was hot? No worries -- this is a common issue and we can show you exactly how to find out. Tires can only be shipped to certain dealers that have signed a service agreement with Michelin North America, Inc.

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In regards to your request, be advised that we are a global company, doing business around the world. As soon as the outside temperature consistently approaches freezing, your tires tread rubber compound begins to harden like your chewing gum would.

Avoid used tires - you can never know what hazards and abuse a previously owned tire has suffered.

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However, rear tires can cup as well. So just be aware that there could be some discrepancies. A tire that sustains any of the above injuries is damaged and is not covered under warranty.

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Detailed information about the recall can be found at tire dating. If you look to the right, the plant code for the DOT number would be 5M. If you cannot find any damage, either call for roadside service or drive immediately and under the speed limit to your closest tire retailer.