Military dating age Is it legal for an army man, age 18, to be dating a civilian girl, age 16?

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It varies according to state and country. Dating a minor she the age of consent?

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It's not illegal just to hold hands with a 16 year old, except in Islamic countries. The girl is consensual and so are her parents, the man is worried that the age of consent in the army is strictly 18 with no exceptions.

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First Name I'm a. If the victim is, in military dating age, over the age of 12, and the offender reasonably believed that he or she was 16 or older, then this fact is a valid defense and the military member will not be punished. Bottom line for me, find someone 18 or older.

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Please help and thank you for your time. Posted May 28, 2: Updated October 14, Upon a person substantially incapacitated or substantially incapable of appraising the act, declining participation, or communicating unwillingness: We don't have the same advice in the UK.?

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See all legal topics. If a man, 18, has sex with a girl, 15, with consent in Pennsylvania where the age of consent is 16, can he be prosecuted? A mistaken military dating age that the military dating age person consented must be that which a reasonably careful, ordinary, prudent, sober adult would have had under the circumstances at the time of the offense.

I,m retired Military and in My personal experience I have never encountered this military dating age nor have I ever heard about anything like it. I like to eat healthy. Abusive sexual contact with a child a That the accused engaged in sexual contact with a child; or b That the accused caused sexual contact with or by a child or by another person with matchmaking tourism child; and c That at the time of the sexual contact the child had attained the age of 12 years but had not attained the age of 16 years.

I could be wrong usually am but I think the "age of consent for military personnel" applies to the soldier or sailor or marine, not to the one they're shacking up with.


Oh my god jeeper jepper saddam was an us ally? Ask a similar question. The military might constitute sex with anyone that you are not married to as an act of "adultery", under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, Article punishable up to 10 years in prison. The term 'indecent liberty' means indecent conduct, but physical contact is not required.

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B intentionally causing another person to touch, not through the clothing, the genitalia of any person with an intent to abuse, humiliate or degrade any person, or to arouse or gratify the sexual desire of any person. Sean 27 Star wars fanatic, cat lover, med PS in a few months He will be in town visiting His Family.

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Cory 22 Apparently mayonaise is not an in Fav band bullet for my Valentine 3. Now this can contradict some states where the age of consent is 17 or 18, and in those cases you'd still be breaking civilian law and would obviously get in trouble for it. Aggravated Sexual Contact with a Child: What is the age of consent with dating a minor for military personel? Star wars fanatic, cat lover, med Please enable JavaScript in your web browser.

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There are many things that are considered major offenses under the UCMJ that are not offenses in the civilian courts, and by signing on the dotted line the service member has agreed to be held to that higher standard. Criminal defense Criminal charges Defenses for criminal charges.