Mortal kombat x ranked matchmaking What's With This Matchmaking?

Mortal kombat x ranked matchmaking

NetherRealm is continuing to support Mortal Kombat X with a new major patch focusing mostly on balance changes, but also adding new tweaks to online matchmaking. This name will be used to credit you for things you share on Reddit.

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I haven't had issues finding games except for the faction 5v5 fights, the big issue is what happens when I'm in game. Call of Duty WW2, like every Call of Duty before it, is extremely popular — and developer Sledgehammer Games is working to make sure that everyone is able to enjoy it.

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Seriously, I really like this game but dropping combos and not being able to dCao specials because of lag is maddening. Question How does ranked matchmaking work?

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Discussions Rules and Guidelines. I've been playing MKX and enjoying it quite a lot. Less than half of those games I would categorize as optimal experiences.

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Originally posted by Lana Del Rey:. This sequel expands on the vaunted Nemesis system in wildly entertaining ways, even as it falls short around the edges. I've also tried the chat rooms but have had little success in getting a match that didn't have a bunch a latency.

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Call of Duty WW2: I don't remember exactly what my record is but last time I checked it was around wins and 25 losses. And I haven't experienced ANY lag, so far. If I am an average player or worse, why am I getting matched up against pro players? I'm good at fighting games, not great.

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Want to add to the discussion? I've only experienced Triborgs as my opponents so I don't know what randomness you guys are talking about. Alternatively player matches are is a good option to get some online experience under your belt.

NetherRealm really need to do something about the matchmaking in Mortal Kombat X

That would be the online play, mainly ranked matches. But I have a real hard time in this one chaining moves together.

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After a mortal kombat x ranked matchmaking day of playing, im deleting this - no use trying to do anything. This is a PERFECT system for getting competitive games against players of your own skill while also allowing you to learn from your losses.

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Still going through story mode. I learn more by getting matched up against the casual spammers because at least then I can learn ways to get around their tactics. Start a New Discussion. Dovecaster View Profile View Posts. This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts.

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Mortal Kombat X received another patch overnight that rebalances some fighters, corrects frame date, fixes multiplayer stat bugs, and gives players more control over ranked matches. All I can offer is that Ed Boon tweeted that they know there are issues and they are working on them. I think it's because with the old Netkode it was so mortal kombat x ranked matchmaking to get a good match that if they used skill based match making a good match would've been impossible. Use the spoiler link flair! Forgot your username or password?

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You match up with a lvl 4 kid who spams the X with Alien and you lose So, have you guys been having a similar experience? You can always spend time in practice mode to learn stuff as Chameleon as mentioned. I remember injustice being better a week or so in so I'm really hoping that this is really just a server load issue and nothing more.

I am not a great player by any means.