Mortar dating padova 3rd International Workshop on Mortar Dating - Padova, April 14-16, 2014.

Mortar dating padova

Here first steps of an international network were taken, with many informal and fruitful discussions about the future of mortar dating.

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The First International Mortardating workshopprogram. The lime burials of the Balearic Islands were in focus both in presentations, and in interesting excursions guided by specialists in the field.

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Organizer was Mark Van Strydonck. In April one entire session was devoted to mortar dating at the 7 th International Symposium in Radiocarbon and Archaeology.

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Future collaboration was also discussed, and also which international conferences to participate in during The main reason with this workshop was to discuss the inter-comparison between different methods of dating mortar, especially focusing on different preparation methods. This time a wider circle of mortars dating padova had gathered, notably also from Belgium, Italy, and Switzerland.

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The workshop took place in Mallorca, September It was decided that we should all go as a group and aim at publishing our results jointly. It was also decided that mortar dating should be presented in a separate session at an international conference. Organizers were members of the Finnish team. Participating at the mortar dating discussions in Ghent: Anonymous samples of mortar were sent around to the 14C-AMS laboratories, to find out which method was best suited for what kind of mortar.

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At an informal gathering during the symposium the future of the network was further discussed. A firmer network of international and interdisciplinary researchers was formed.

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