Motorcycle gps hookup Your access to this site has been limited

Motorcycle gps hookup

The original tape is black and just holds it to the harness in the same place, same way.

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DO NOT tie to the front suspension or handlebars if you can avoid it. Your access to this service has been temporarily limited. Zip tie any loose wire along the pathway to locations that will keep the wire from being pinched. Now I want to watch Breaking Bad again.

Steps To Properly Install Your Motorcycle GPS

You may also want to take a close look at the Battery Tender set of products and we have a good article on these here on our site. I don't think the Battery Tender would work with that, but I could be wrong.

I put the GPS on the left side handle bar, plugged it right in the at the power plug cig lighter The motorcycle gps hookup bars are bigger than most, so order the biggest mounting bracket.

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Stonewall Craftworks Follow This instructable is for a CBRRbut the principles can be used for most motorcycles. I'd rather route the power cable through a noisy, hot, dusty bike than a USB cable. Fascia grommets are visible either side and above frame.

Use this information to make your riding more convenientnot more dangerous.

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If the wire is on top of the mount flange, push it beneath it so it doesn't get pinched. Log in or Sign up. Motorcycle GPS devices will have the necessary hardware to install them on your bike in addition to having a mounting system to secure it correctly on your motorcycle gps hookup.

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If I do expand in the future, I'll use the Garmin taps to trigger the fuse panel and plug the Garmin into it.

Choice of switched or not for each circuit. There are no comments yet, add one below.

gps for indian motorcycles

Follow Us on Facebook. Again, my apologies, Hdlt, frame and three 10mm mounting bolts lain on protected fender. Dec 6, Messages: Dec 21, 8.

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Clean the mount location with rubbing alcohol Pull the back off the double-side tape on the USB charger. Here is how I mounted my Zumo That's a great idea. Took about 3 minutes for fascia and headlight.

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As motorcycles are an open mode of transport and can go to remote and rough terrain, it is important to select a motorcycle GPS which is shock resistant and water proof. Please try again in a few minutes.

Step 1: Where to Mount It.

This location will also keep the USB cable short. For those using their smartphones for navigation, you will find that most GPS apps suck up your battery very quickly so you may want to consider adding a hardwire for your phone.

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Sorry about the long, cookbook aspect to this post. To make the necessary connections to the battery, we'll need to access the battery.

We have heard of some do it yourselfers that dating website commercial song cut the DC charger port off the cable then tried to hardwire using the remaining cable.