My friend tried to hook up with my girlfriend Close friend tried to hook up with husband, can the friendship be mended?

My friend tried to hook up with my girlfriend, netflix fires kevin spacey from ‘house of cards’ and cancels movie 'gore' (update)

There's no excuse and being drunk is not a pass, alcohol doesn't make you do things you wouldn't do it only lowers your inhibitions. No polling questions or "opinion gathering" No questions directed at a single gender. She definitely has faithfullness, loyalty, and commitment problems. You a pretty young dude. Not saying you can't have your opinions, but I've been blackout and had sex that I absoutely did not want.

Well, months later I found out she was with her boss My wife cheated on me. She knows what she does.

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She had left the ems field for a 8 to 5 job. I knew this guy had just broken up with his girlfriend, and I was just trying to be a friend. Give up on the friends maybe they made this story up, you sure your story-telling friend doesn't have a huge crush on your girl? That should have been your first red flag, and what she did wasn't really out of character if that's how she's been like in her previous relationships. You're young, dump her, dump your "best friend" and live a happier life. Then, because of one thing, you will started to become insecure because of him.

My husband cheated on me

Tuesday, August 8, 8: I was again so confused. By reading this, you agree that none of the experts offering information are liable for actions you or others take. Empty and sanitize it. She cheated on her boyfriend with you.

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You don't get so drunk that you forget whats going on and get sexual with someone and then when caught feel guilt and cry about it. Please report comments that you feel are in violation of these guidelines to keep discussions constructive.

Anyways, last night started out fine.

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You don't need a girl like that or a friend like that. This is an archived post. Some of my friends date his friends, so I thought it was a good fit. The problem here seems to be whether or not you trust your girlfriend. I know we aren't in a relationship, I don't even know if he has real feelings for me, but it's just not right and I would never want to jeopardize the future, if there was one to ever come out of this.

You may forgive him but you will never forget.

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If you have any my friend tried to hook up with my girlfriend about it confront him face to face and let him know you aren't going to put up with his shiit. I'd really advice you not to. That relationship never would have lasted, I didn't cheat on him but I wasn't very supportive and I ended up finding a reason to get out even though he was an amazing guy.

Looks like we were played, she started it and now regrets the incident and is in total denial. Although, I just hope by ending contact with her, it means.

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Cant believe you would consider ever speaking to this woman. Also against reddit rules.

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If you stay with the husband Presented by British Airways.