Naruto and tsunade dating fanfiction Naruto and tsunade dating fanfiction

Naruto and tsunade dating fanfiction

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Naruto is dying and he needs to be treated. Tsunade smiled as she sat at her desk reading Jiraiya's latest Icha Icha Paradise book. She sat down next to him on the bed and cupped his and dating fanfiction with her hands. Tsunade got off the bed and dispelled the transformation, returning to her original self. It had been ages since anyone had helped get rid of the kinks in her neck and it felt so good. She always made sure that her brother and her lover knew that they were important to her. Who was he to deny his queen her wishes?

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I'll always treasure it. If I was there I would yell at him saying- Hey jack ass did you know that Hinata had called you, Naruto-kun ever sins she first saw you?

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She popped off the top and took a long swig of it before setting it down on the desk. He didn't judge others and Tsunade could be herself around him without the fear of rejection or disapproval. Tsunade looked back at him as he gathered all the dishes from their meal and placed them back into the large box. Other then when money is involved.

She looked up into the orange colored sky and saw that there were dark clouds passing by and the sun was setting. Her near silent laughter echoed off of the walls of the hospital. Calm Before the Storm Tsunade merely smiled though the sake was making her blush as well. His head was lowered, so he didn't notice the now 'young' Tsunade slowly walking up to him.

After the first eight minutes realization had hit home as Sakura blushed until she was sure she'd explode. I don't have much room left.

She was 26 years old, but still very pretty. Before she could do the seals for the teleportation technique she felt his hands encircle her waist as she stood and he kissed her neck and suckled on the flesh strongly, creating a reddish mark there, some sign that she was his in a primal way. It was the last time that he and his friends were truly in great danger. We're just glad to have you back. You believe in me and you've been the only person who has taken care of me".

The container of the Kyuubi, the number on hyperactive knucklehead ninja, was the son of Konoha's most powerful shinobi. Your review has been posted. Naruto stopped and pulled his fingers out smiling when he heard Tsunade moan in displeasure. He loved her, and she knew that. According to Naruto he didn't listen to Jiraiya's lessons about seduction and women but to Tsunade he was either lying or was a natural at touching a woman in the right spots.

He'd overheard that much at least around the village as he grew up. The worry clearly wasn't for him.