Naruto dating games on deviantart Naruto dating games on deviantart

Naruto dating games on deviantart

There are several different routes you can take, did you do them all? This is a good game! Anyways, I was experimenting with dating sims and decided to do this.

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I've wanted to do something like this myself. You can go away.

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If you don't like that, then yeah. I've refreshed multiple times and still nothing. Sorry, hope this helps.

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D I also clicked the other option just to see what your character would say, sorry X D anyhow, thanks for the game. Ehh, this is for all you Naruto fangirls out there.

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Any insulting comments will just be ignored or reported, so Random Naruto Dating Sim. I can pretend to be my OC Lokier. I'm not a cp genius, so really the only advice I can give is maybe to update your flash player? Hehe, thanks, will do my best to finish it.

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L It takes many, many frames Submitted on August 2, Image Size 6. Click here to continue to DeviantArt Deviant Art. You'll be playing as a random online dating project I made up off the bat.

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Other than that, there's not a lot I can do. Hehe, well, glad you enjoyed it.

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Hide Media Preview Submit Comment. Featured in Collections Devious Collection 18 by Icey Had fun, great job so far.

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All I get is a blank, white screen where the game is supposed to be. I'm just planning out where I want it to go, but it may take a little while: This isn't working for me.

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Views 10, 1 today Favourites 49 who? Kaiyuuki Featured By Owner Aug 2, Or fangays hur hur, see what I did there? Oh that's nice to hear!

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All-Things-Naruto Home for the Narutards: It's incomplete, but I may complete it Thank you for dating games on deviantart faith in my I will do my best! I will try my best to complete it, it's a lot of work just that was 30 frames and took about 10 hours D: And I'm glad you enjoyed it.