Naruto dating hinata fanfiction After The War (Naruto X Hinata Fanfic)

Naruto dating hinata fanfiction

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What could you possibly have that I would want? It's all everyone's been talking about for the past few days. Hinata Hyuga had just been caught spying from behind one of the trees. Honestly, when they'd first requested an audience with her, she'd had to check her 'what the fuck' reaction.

That's what you get for not doing anythingdating hinata fanfiction. Oh no, oh no! We just want to keep her safe. I'm sure you're family is worried.

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Hey people, I'm back. Whereas a confession is still unresolved. Naruto and Hinata stood there awkwardly as the Old Man started to finish making the ramen.

Chapter 5 Date.? Maybe.?

Naruto said since they showed up at the beginning of the date. As Naruto left, Hinata thought back on the last two days. As the group continued to talk in their small groups. But I… well we… ummm I didn't think about that. The two sat there talking about what was new in their lives, until the order was brought out. From threats to stalkers, how do Hinata and Naruto manage to get through their date?

Just In All Stories: Her left eyebrow rose slightly. She didn't know what to say.

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He never even saw Hinata's feelings for him, despite how obvious they were to everyone else, and he—".

He pulled her to sit down with him. Hinata sighed contently as she finished remembering how it came to pass. As they left Naruto remember he had a new house, he had to show Hinata.

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