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Offshore Hook-up Execution We have the expertise and equipment to ensure a safe and efficient hook-up. We have a market-leading execution model and toolbox, technology, experience, management offshore hook up procedure and the best qualified people needed for a successful completion of any project, anywhere.

Completion Our team has extensive international experience and can use our own or our customers' completion system tools. Aker Solutions provides cost-effective, predictable and safe completion deliveries that prepare for the start-up of oil and gas production.

Offshore hook-up Lesson Offshore Hook up and Commissioning HUC was generally well planned and executed The team responsible for the tow-out and buoy hook-up paid particular attention to quality issues in relation to the resources provided.


Planning Once we have a very detailed defined scope of work and basis of design in place, our offshore construction co-ordinators begin preparation of the Construction Workpacks and Jobcards, which are automatically fed into the progress and productivity reports.

Based in Norway Local time: Proceedings of an international conference Diverless and Deepwater Techology: Any Project, Anywhere We have a market-leading execution model and toolbox, technology, experience, management expertise and the best qualified people needed for a successful completion of any project, anywhere.

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As a whole Brownfield Construction is a combination and synchronization of new components to the existing facilities and it is essential to understand and appreciate how they are inter-related from physical, process, Hook-up and Commissioning and Operating perspectives.

Hook-up and Commissioning activities are part of "Brownfield" and "Greenfield" Construction to be executed either in Onshore or at Offshore.

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This includes operations like temporary facilities, logistic handling, construction activities and completion of scope of work and commissioning assistance. There are 4 area of concerns to consideration when handle to HUC. Hook-up and completion covers all necessary activities preparing for the start-up of oil and gas production.

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Extensive interview were held with providers and workshops were held to discuss roles and responsibilities and the processes that would be employed during the various offshore hooks up procedure of the offshore operations. A good example was the diving operations associated with the installation of the thrusters. What kind of job are you looking for? In addition to all the usual difficulties inherent in the execution of major construction works, hook-up and commissioning encounters the further problems which arise from its remote offshore location.

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Unlike "Brownfield Construction, hook-up and commissioning activities related to "Greenfield" construction has no restriction at all in terms of permit to work system application may it be "Hot or Cold" works considering that the facility is yet to be handed over to the client upon mechanical and commissioning completion. Turnkey Hook-up Deliverance We can do the job from start to finish, starting with engineering and procurement through commissioning and completion.

This cannot start until Mechanical Completion MC is achieved. Hotel- ships can be used to supplement the number of permanent platform beds but will substantially increase the manpower cost. Hook-up and commissioning begins immediately the facilities modules have been installed on the support structure, and ends when the working platform is transferred from the project team to the operating team. Pradeep Singh June 8, at 3: They would be reviewed after project awarded and going to execution.

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The early commissioning of safety systems and equipment, such as the lifeboats, will be an important factor influencing the rate at which labour can be mobilized in the early stages. Newer Post Older Post Home.

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The Hook-Up and Commissioning HUC will be taken place between construction and start-up, kind of work could be classified to be hook-up and commissioning.

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An effective approach to the planning and control of hookup and commissioning is essential if these problems are to be overcome, the "final hurdle" problems are to be overcome, the "final hurdle" cleared, and the project successfully concluded.

Norhisam Ngadirun May 14, at 1: Proceedings of an international conference Subsea Controls and Data Acquisition ' Proceedings of an International Conference Submersible Technology: