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Anonymous I emailed Cepps Gmail. He never asked for money, I thought I was always a step ahead of him. It can never be said enough and more heartfelt that I am glad to Mr Ed for helping all of us to survive and thankful that alot of you are more internet smart to find this site and be saved. Anonymous Please let the lady who is communicating with him that he may not be asking you for money. Shady to the say very least!

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I would say more than average compared to other job fields. These women that say or give a phone number, they cannot call you off a Rig if they are really on one, against all policies according to the one I got ahold of. Same thing Chris used to say.

No request for money. I've established that so far he's using 6 names!

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I'm still grieving for my husband. Anonymous I got screwed with these people big time almost a year ago. However, even though he is blocked he can still text. It makes my day when I see somebody is saved from being scammed by reading these posts. Once again my prayers are with you all.

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At first I thought he was legitimate and just a nice guy. Even though we don't know each other personally we are a part of each other because of our scammers that have crossed our lives.

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Next, he had a guy posing as an agent waiting at N. Find solace that you aren't alone. Oct 29, Rating Funding Terrorist by: I think I could understand them doing this if they actually sent it to him, but they sent it to someone else that wasn't even him. Everything you do or send out or get for that matter on the computer has an IP Internet Protocol address.

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I am so broke that money oiled field dating site me 13 years to save and I sm so ashamed of myself for loving him so much. I do not ever give my phone number or send sexy pictures to anyone. Raised in Turin, Italy. Oct 30, Rating oil rig scam by: Broken English versus oil field dating site spoken English.

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Me and my friend predicted his son would need money. Every person that is saved is a hit on their lives of luxury spending what we worked so hard for.

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I despise my song, also. YOU have just got to hang on. Does it not hurt them to take our hard earned money. What lured me in the fastest is when he professed to be Christian and quoted the Bible about marriage. If they want you off the dating site immediately, that is a potential red flag. Oct 26, Rating Daniels Organo by: