One direction preferences bsm your dating another band member -One Direction Preferences-

One direction preferences bsm your dating another band member, 100) bsm-you're dating a band member but something goes wrong -request-

You tore the promise ring off your finger, throwing it at him, the cold metal hitting him straight in the head. Your parent's were out of town and your older brother Liam was on Harry's house having a boys night with the rest of the lads, so you were home alone.

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Cast Louis Tomlinson as Himself. I thought they turned out good so I hope you felt the same: Then Harry joined you out back. Sorry I could't be in bed with you when you woke up.

BSM: You are dating one of the other boys and he doesn't approve it.

You didn't mind though, having a brother close in age was actually kind of nice. You fell into Zayn's arms and hugged the death out of him.

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You and Liam were the only two in there while the other boys were goofing around in the hallway. Read this story for FREE! Louis- Niall You and Niall have been dating for two years and thankfully, Louis was very supportive and was actually very happy that you two were together because you two were perfect for each other.

I'm sick of this,Louis. Niall called from behind as you stood outside, looking at the fans being pushed away by barriers. You smiled as you came out of the chapel, hand in hand with Louis.

BSM: You're Dating One of the Boys Secretly pt 1

All of a sudden the song Diana came on, and he stopped in the middle of his story, and got up, one direction preferences bsm your dating another band member his hands out to you. Niall was talking to Liam, and you smiled painfully at him You hiss as you slowly sit down. Today was both yours and his 20th birthday, and this was one of your many presents from Zayn. Good thing there were no Paps or fans that noticed you,so you guys weren't crowded. The next day when Niall had called you, and asked why you had ignored him all yesterday, you informed him on the day you had.

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BSM Preference: You're Dating Somebody In The Band

You have a boyfriend. He likes your twin more than you. Louis turned around and offered you a hand which you gladly took.

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He grinned and took the present, quickly opening it and finding the art supplies he had wanted for so long. I know he forbid you boys from being with me, but he can't make my decisions for me.

101) BSM-You're Dating A Band Member but Something Goes Wrong (Part Two-Niall)

You ran to your car and started driving to your brothers house where you saw Harry's car was there too. His eyes widened but there was slight anger in his eyes.

You saw Niall on the floor trying to avoid Harry's fists. When you got to the hotel you went to Liam's room to find out where Niall was.

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You're dating another band m 11 Case Closed by Little Mix song prefe 12 He sees you crying for the first tim 13 Make you believe by: You narrowed your eyes at him and he stopped. I've got something for you.

55: Your his sister, your dating another member and he cheats.

Mama horror movie about a couple who take in the boys brothers daughters and they experience difficulties once they take the kids from the cabin in the middle of the woods P. He wrapped his arms around your waist and you started to kiss his neck. You heard a horn honk behind you then everything went black.