One direction preferences hes dating your best friend wattpad One Direction Imagines and Preferences

One direction preferences hes dating your best friend wattpad, he's your best friend

You obviously said yes because it's totally a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

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What happened next took you by suprise, he grabbed you and kissed you. I couldn't miss it!

He's Dating Your Best Friend But You Like Him

It was nice that she was trying to protect you, but this was going to get out of control. The thing is that you were the one that had loved Harry Styles first, and probably more than she did, or ever would. You were bored laying on your bed and Louis had just gotten home from tour so you decided to call him and see if he wanted to do something, "Hello? You never told a soul You leaned in, avoiding his sharp blue gaze. The butterflies had rocketed to icy bombs.

His skin was soft, so unlike his rough palms, and the sweet sticky taste of alcohol made its way into your mouth.

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This is my second preferences book ; hope all of you enjoy ; most of them are from my friends from tumblr and most i made them by my own ; enjoy. How could you not tell me you're crushing on Niall? I'm pretty sure she's just tolerating me and she's being really mean and starting to lie to me. It had all just happened so fast…. That when it became even worse.

You shook your head, popping a chocolate in your mouth. Read this story for FREE! I didn't mean to say that! You hadn't a clue why but you agreed, nervously. Log in Sign Up. Taking one glace back at your wrinkled work, your promised when you got back, you'd work on it.

He's dating your best friend ( Harry )

Anyone else need to go? It had been going on for three months. Ever since Zayn said he wrote a song for her, she's been bugging the whole house about it. You felt angry because you had to watch your best friend being all in love with her boyfriend, who has been the one you've liked for so long, and not even being able to do anything about it. Did she really know? Harry's here, we're going to straighten his hair.

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You took her virginity, Ni, the girl who was going to wait until marriage. Niall spit out his beer. Your eyes went wide and your body stiffened and you knew exactly what he was talking about.

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Picking them up and walking over to the couch, you grabbed your guitar and began playing it again, belting the lyrics out as loud as you could, playing the guitar even louder.