One direction preferences you hate each other but secretly dating 1D Preferences

One direction preferences you hate each other but secretly dating, you work for him and hate each other but secretly love each other

Niall stood up and kissed your cheek. You went back to Niall who tried to hold in his laugh.

#90 You Act Like You Hate Each Other But Secretly Like Each Other

Well I don't hate you, but you hate me. Did someone piss in your cereal this morning?

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As Zayn's about to come over some of the girls from your class start to flirt with him so you just let him be and go look at the next display. And I'm sorry for everything I've said to you as well.

You fight but secretly like each other

You fight but secretly like each other Louis: I don't see why Lou hasn't fired you yet, cause you are horrible at your job. The way you try to hide a smile. When you guys were done washing the car you noticed your shoe lace was unloose so you bent over to tie it With that, you stormed out of the room, hearing the other 4 boys curse at Liam.

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And he smiled back. Read this story for FREE! The reason I've been a jerk to is because I'm in love with you. You had never spoken a word to him until now because you thought he hated you so you stayed out of his way. Where is my clothes! As he pulled away he said "Sorry if you never want to see me again, but I've been waiting months to do that.

#40 You "Hate Each Other" But Are Secretly in Love

You must do what I ask. It took awhile for someone to answer but when they did, it wasn't who you wanted to see.

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You threw your suitcase on top of the bed and started pulling clothes into it "It was just a joke, don't get your panties in a bundle," You heard Louis say from behind you. Listen, I have to get ready.

You two act like you hate each other but secretly fancy each other

You were lounging around your shared flat with Harry. Read this story for FREE! You shook your head and swallowed the dry lump in your throat "Liam, I'm so sick of bickering, it's immature and I.

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There are tons of pretty girls just waiting for me but instead I get stuck with you.